About Us

Our aim is to make the Government rule out any Barrage across the Severn as it considers ways of harnessing the power of the estuary to generate renewable energy.

We want to make it clear from the outset that this campaign is not against renewable energy, but against the Barrage, an inefficient and highly damaging option for harnessing the power of the Severn. The Stop the Barrage NOW campaign intends to halt any further discussion, consideration, or the continued waste of taxpayer’s money of this proposal.

The additional £500k "to speed the development of proposals (like the tidal reef and tidal fence) which are highly innovative" is the right step forward, but the Government must do more.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is currently undertaking a feasibility study into renewable energy possibilities in the Severn Estuary. The short list of of options was made public on 26 January 2009. They include:

The recommended short list of schemes, for consultation, is:

  • Shoots Barrage – located near the Severn road crossings, estimated to cost £3.2bn to construct and generate 2.7TWh/year or just under 1% of UK electricity (roughly equivalent to a large fossil fuel power station)
  • Beachley Barrage – slightly smaller and further upstream than the Shoots Barrage (and upstream of the Wye), estimated to cost £2.3bn and generate 1.6TWh/year
  • Fleming Lagoon – an impoundment on the Welsh shore of the Estuary between Newport and the Severn road crossings, estimated to cost £4bn and generate 2.3TWh/year
  • Bridgwater Bay Lagoon – an impoundment on the English shore of the Estuary between Hinkley Point and Weston Super Mare, estimated to cost £3.8bn and generate 2.6TWh/year
  • Cardiff-Weston Barrage - located between Brean Down and Lavernock Point, estimated to cost £20.9bn and generate 16.8Twh/year or some 5% of UK electricity.

We have formed a coalition of supporters to ensure that a Barrage across the Severn is ruled out.

There are four key arguments which we highlight on our home page
• the negative environmental impact
• the economic costs
• the fact that any barrage would not be an efficient renewable energy option
• the massive damage any barrage would cause to the maritime industries and economic prosperity of the region.

It is clear from the people we have spoken with and the research we have uncovered that there are many people and organisations that are against any proposed Barrage for all sorts of reasons.

We want to harness that opposition and concern about the Barrage to create a campaign with one voice.

One voice which tells the Government that the negatives of building a Barrage far out weigh any possible positives to such an extent that Government and DECC should not even consider investigating any Barrage as a serious renewable energy option.

We welcome your support and input. Please have a look though our website, sign the petition and contact us with any questions.

We must stop the Government from proceeding with a proposal that is simply not renewable, efficient, cost-effective, or environmental, because together we can Stop the Barrage NOW.

What Can You Do?

• Sign the petition

• Write to your local MP

• Lobby your local   Councillor