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Severn Barrage cancellation welcomed but renewable energy still has huge untapped potential to replace aging nuclear reactors - Wales Green Party 19-10-10

Bristol Port Company has welcomed the Government’s rejection of plans for a barrage across the Severn Estuary October 2010

Severn Tidal Power: Feasibility Study Conclusions - The Department for Energy & Climate Change Press Release 18-10-10

Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain MP joins the debate on the plan to axe the Severn barrage - The BBC 18-10-10

Huhne drops Severn barrage to invest in wind power - Independent on Sunday 17-10-10

Severn barrage scheme set to be abandoned next week - this is devon 16-10-10

Severn Tidal project's future comes down to “political risk” - Tidal Today 01-10-10

Huhne to sink plans for giant Severn barrage - WalesOnline 22-09-10

Coalition set to axe £20bn funding for Severn Barrage -The Guardian 05-09-10

Announcement on Severn Tidal project due this Autumn - New Energy Focus 31-08-10

Check out the new Magnificent Severn Festival website August 2010

Vince Cable MP: Green industries can be the future - The Hounslow Chronicle 30-07-10


'Short-sighted' Government to axe Sustainable Development Commission 21-07-10

Who then will tell the story of our last hunters? - Mike Pitts Digging Deeper 19-06-10

Radio - Row over Severn Barrage goes on - Today Programmme 27-04-10

The Severn Estuary Tidal Barrage Project overview 21-04-10

'Kingmaker' Clegg confirms his party's line on barrage 20-04-10

New Report Slams Severn Barrage Plans: A Disaster Waiting to Happen for Wildlife and Fisheries 13-04-10

Barrage plans could be on hold 12-04-10

Tidal Today Guest Editor, Camilla Horrox of WWF discusses the Severn Barrage: All our eggs in one basket? March 2010

Energy at any price? New Severn Barrage Report launched by the Avon Wildlife Trust 11-03-10

Plans for the 'old-fashioned' Severn Estuary barrage will have devastating affects on wildlife according to animal experts, writes the Western Mercury 11-03-10

Joint statement claims “political pressure to commit the Labour party to a tidal power-generating barrage across the Severn from Cardiff to Weston is highly inappropriate” 06-03-10

Severn Barrage would have 'devastating impact' - reports the Wildlife Trust 03-03-10

'Severn Barrage would be a disaster for Bristol Port prosperity' - One of the Port of Bristol's top executives has warned that a £21bn Severn Barrage would be a disaster 12-02-10

The Weston Morning News reports that the 'Barrage could destroy estuarry' 09-02-10

Severn Barrage could cause floods, says the RSPB - The Daily Telegraph 09-02-10

Video - Harnessing the Severn 01-11-09

Severn barrage work 'may not start for years' reports the Bristol Evening Post 20-10-09

Barrage scheme would be unlikely before 2020, and costs for the shortlisted schemes could rise, with connections to the National Grid alone projected to cost some £2bn - New Civil Engineer 14-10-09

CCC: More renewable generation needed to meet 2050 targets 12-10-09

Liberal Democrats back £3.2bn barrage across the Severn at Annual Conference 21-09-09

Balfour Beatty swoops on Parsons Brinckerhoff for $626m 17-09-09

Giffords, has been selected by offshore energy specialist VerdErg to provide engineering and cost estimation support for its proposed Severn tidal fence scheme 03-09-09

Severn Barrage ‘could lead to flooding’ in Welsh cities according to WalesOnline 07-08-09

Metoc, the environmental engineering consultancy, has been appointed by the Severn Tidal Fence Consortium to study potential alternatives to the Severn barrage 24-07-09

Video - Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for DECC) visits the controversial River Severn 24-07-09

Lord Smith & the Environment Agency warns against Severn tidal power scheme 17-07-09

Severn tidal power schemes: Prepare for a dust-up says the Financial Times 16-07-09

Q&A: the Guardian discusses our campaign 16-07-09

UK Government has published its reponse to the first Severn Tidal Power consultation 15-07-09

Bristol: the SeaGen tidal energy system has become the first–ever marine renewable energy project to be accredited by the UK energy regulator

The Severn barrage is a test case for a new political proposition: that it is all right to cause massive environmental damage in order to tackle other potentially catastrophic environmental problems - The Times 05-07-09

Bristol ports 'at disadvantage if barrage is built' say the Bristol Evening Post 01-07-09

Video - The Severn Barrage: Why it will cause major problems for all nearby 25-06-09

Lib Dem Cllr Paul Crossley says 'No Thanks to a Severn Barrage'

Wildlife experts warn against River Severn barrage plan 09-06-09

Severn tidal reef project back on track 01-06-09

Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust fear barrage could damage wildlife 20-05-09

Leanne Wood AM argues that 'New evidence casts doubt over Severn Barrage' 14-05-09

Lord Hunt, Minster for Sustainable Development reveals that English and Welsh waters wil be checked for tidal power potential 30-04-09

Less than 1,000 respond to barrage study - the Western Mercury reports 28-04-09

A missed opportunity as the Public Consultation ends 24-04-09

Local economy could suffer and tourism will be virtually 'wiped out' if plans for a Barrage become reality 21-04-09

Steve Webb MP's blog - a barrage of options

Severn Barrage: Liberal Democrats throw weight behind Shoots Barrage proposal 16-04-09

The Bristol Evening Post writes 'MPs oppose £20bn Severn barrage' 16-04-09

Dispatch from the Severn - The Financial Times talks about the Severn Bore 11-04-09

Severn Barrage - impossible to fund due to the recession, according to John Penrose, MP for Weston-Super-Mare 06-04-09

There is a choice in the Severn Estuary 02-04-09

Welsh Assembly Government - New fund open to take Severn Estuary tidal concepts from the drawing board 02-04-09

Two public meetings organise by Burnham's MP David Heathcoat-Amory 02-04-09

Leanne Wood, AM for South Wales Central, holds public debate

'Irreplaceable treasures dating back millions of years will be lost if plans to build the Severn Barrage go ahead' warns Professor Simon Haslett on BBC One’s Countryfile 28-03-09

Recession leaves Pelamis wave project struggling to stay afloat

Government plans to 'nationalise saltmarshes'

Why I'd rather give my reef plan to the public

£2bn habitat bill for Severn barrage 27-02-09

The Severn barrage is a waste of money, reports The Guardian 12-02-09

Stuart Ballard, Chairman of Save our Severn - the Severn: we don’t have to dam it 30-01-09

Media response to the Government Severn Estuary Shortlist 28-01-09

Severn Barrage Consultation Details 27-01-09

Government consultation unnecessarily limited, says WWF 26-01-09

Barrage decision ‘short-sighted and disappointing’


Canada says no to Tidal Range Technology


Severn Barrage: Conservation versus Green Energy - putting the record straight 18-01-09

95 species of fish threatened by a proposed Severn Barrage 14-01-09

Stop the Barrage NOW featured in The Guardian

Peers criticise plans for Severn Barrage 29-12-08

Stop the Barrage NOW makes front page news with one of the regions top papers 23-12-08


The Severn Barrage and The Marine & Costal Access Bill - Second reading speech of Lord Davies of Coity 18-12-08

Peers Slam Plans for a Severn Barrage – Bad for Jobs, Bad for Wildlife 16-12-08

Parsons Brinckerhoff has made huge miscalculations on tidal lagoons’ costs – Tidal Electric Ltd 14-12-08

Marine & Coastal Access Bill Briefing - Lords Second Reading Debate 04-12-08

Stop the Barrage NOW campaign mentioned in the Houses of Parliament debate 27-11-08

RSPB against a Severn Barrage – “Reef better than Barrage”. 26-11-08

Wye and Usk Foundation and the Severn Barrage

Severn reasons to say no to a severn barrage

Fish likely to be off the menu if barrage goes ahead

“Government should not rely on inclusion of the estimated generating capacity of the [Severn] barrage to reach the 2020 renewable target”.

Barrage not worth job losses or environmental damage, say southwest public 20-10-08

BBC Wales – ‘A Barrage of Questions'
Week In – Week Out

Barrage may increase Severn flood risk, warns Stop the Barrage NOW campaign 10-10-08

EU boss cool over barrage 08-10-08

Stuart Ballard of ‘Save our Severn’ questions whether the proposed Severn Barrage is a renewable energy source 07-10-08

IPA report slams viability of Barrage 02-10-08

Greens add weight to barrage alternative calls

Survey finds public unaware of proposed Severn Barrage plans 19-09-08




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