Media response to the Government Severn Estuary Shortlist


Over recent weeks and months our campaign has been featured in many newspaper articles and commentary pieces though we have also appeared on local and national radio more and more often. On Friday 16 January for example one of our supporters, Bristol Port Company took part in a programme on BBC Radio 4 entitled ‘Time and Tide; the Severn Barrage’, while only yesterday, Stuart Ballard of the Save our Severn campaign - again one of our supporters - spoke on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. Our campaign was also featured on The West Today (ITV News) when it reported on the shortlist of options for possible renewable energy projects in the Severn Estuary on Monday 26 January, as well as West Country Tonight and BBC Points West.

The announcement on Monday has led to many reports on the Government’s shortlist announcement with many newspapers highlighting the dilemma between balancing the potential damage to habitat against the gains made in combating climate change, when considering renewable energy projects in the Severn Estuary. The Stop the Barrage NOW campaign agrees that climate change must be tackled but argues that a Severn Barrage is not the right solution. The wider environment will be best served by preserving the environment, not sacrificing it.

The environmental beauty of the River Severn has been compiled by a Portishead sound editor who has released a film featuring wildlife living on the Severn Estuary and detailing the devastating effect a proposed Severn Barrage could have on it. ‘Portrait of an Estuary’ is a set of DVDs running just over 4 hours, which show the birdlife along the English side of the Severn Estuary, through four seasonal films. The programmes filmed by Nigel Tucker, reveal the ever-changing nature of the wildlife in this important and fascinating area. To find out more information please email naturalfx@waitrose.com

Newspaper articles below:

The Independent; ‘A tough choice between energy and the environment - Ministers must not prejudge this consultation on the Severn Estuary’ view, please click here

The Times; ‘Severn Barrage is environmental balancing act’,
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The Financial Times; ‘Why the Severn Barrage is not for the birds’, please click here

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