This campaign has received many messages of support from a wide range of interest individuals and groups.

As the campaign gathers pace we will do our best to keep the site updated with messages of support and other material which all those organisations opposed to a Barrage can use to lobby in their own right to persuade Government to drop any further investigation into this damaging proposal.

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Green Party – South West Region Green Party & Wales Green Party

The Green Party recognised long before other political parties the very serious threat posed by climate change. Alongside that Greens have pointed to the increasingly urgent need to ensure energy security. We have been pushing in Europe and here in Britain for a massive programme of energy conservation, alongside a whole range of renewable energy options.

In March 2007 the Green Party voted, at their Spring Conference in Swansea, in favour of developing renewable energies in the Severn Estuary, but rejected a barrage. It was strongly argued that there already exist cheaper, more practical, flexible and environmentally less damaging options. It is heartening to see this policy is also endorsed by many other groups like the National Trust, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, WWF-UK and the Salmon & Trout Association.

There are also now reports like the one from Frontier Economics, which have shown that this massively expensive and hugely damaging proposal cannot be justified on economic grounds - there are simply too many cheaper options for clean energy generation.

We need urgent action now to tackle climate change; the barrage is a dangerous red herring. Let us instead see immediate and massive investment in energy conservation measures and a whole range of other renewable energies.

'Stop the Barrage NOW' and support investment in more sustainable and less environmentally damaging renewable energy options.


The Severn Rivers and Salmon & Trout Association

Both the Severn Rivers Trust and Salmon & Trout Association are totally opposed to the construction of any barrage across the Severn estuary, on both environmental and economic grounds. There is absolutely no net benefit in any such scheme, which would destroy unique natural features and threaten already endangered species.


Save our Severn

The tide in the Severn estuary has flowed for thousands of years creating a fertile, beautiful and prosperous area for all. Save Our Severn believe a barrage would destroy this and impact on trade, fisheries, the wider environment and questions whether a barrage would provide truly renewable energy. We support the work of Stop the Barrage NOW campaign in highlighting the wide scale problems of ill conceived barrage proposals.


Bristol Port Company

Bristol Port and the port community believe in renewable energy. Bristol Port has built a wind farm on its own estate which provides 75 percent of the port's electricity needs. The port's growth as a deep sea container port offers significant CO2 savings for the country from reduced lorry miles but it cannot contemplate the demise of the West Country's vital maritime hub and the loss of over 8000 port related jobs.

The Barrage is an expensive and environmentally dangerous project which should be eliminated from the list of renewable energy schemes. The money would be better spent encouraging modern, technologically viable tidal energy schemes which do not ruin the Severn Estuary.




The BCFSA was founded way back in 1961 with the aim of promotion and conservation on all aspects of sea angling in the Bristol Channel, and to further the interests of all affiliated clubs. There are now 25 affiliated clubs comprising approx. 2000 sea anglers. The boundaries are all tidal waters eastwards of a line from Hartland Point, North Devon to St. David's Head, Dyfed, and Wales.
We are highly concerned that the erection of a concrete Barrage across the Severn Estuary will destroy some 28 angler species that are known to inhabit, via seasonal migration, waters above the recommended site. In addition there are 4 further species listed as endangered, namely the salmon, twaite shad, common eel and lamprey, (ref. English Nature). Therefore, the Bristol Channel Federation is totally opposed to a suggested building of a Barrage across the Severn Estuary and will support any organisation that has similar feelings.


Gloucester Harbour Trustees

Gloucester Harbour Trustees, which has responsibility for the management of safe navigation and pilotage within their area of jurisdiction, is well aware of the benefits of properly-considered, cost-effective and sustainable renewable energy supplies. A Severn Barrage would be a huge undertaking with significant economic, environmental and social consequences.

The Trustees remain concerned that sufficiently robust and scientific studies have not yet been carried out in respect of the effects of a barrage upon the economy, environment and ecology of the Severn Estuary.

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Wye and Usk Foundation and the Severn Barrage

The Wye and Usk Foundation has spent the last ten or more years working to restore the habitats and fisheries of the rivers Wye and Usk, spending with our partners Environment Agency Wales and the Countryside Council for Wales in excess of £6million. We anticipate spending further large sums to complete the restoration of our salmon runs and protect the indigenous and migratory species of fish.

The proposed Severn barrage poses the almost certain risk of annihilation of all the fish that ascend our rivers – salmon, eel, Allis and Twaite shad, lamprey and sea trout, as has been witnessed on the eastern seaboard of America following hydroelectric schemes there. The Usk, Wye and Severn Estuary are designated under the EU Habitats Directive for the specific purpose of providing an inflexible conservation shield: the rivers draining into the Estuary comprise 25% of the entire salmon habitat of England and Wales and nearly all that available for the two shad species.

We fully appreciate the need to generate “low carbon” electricity and provide replacements for the UK’s ageing power systems. We are not persuaded that the proposals likely to be put forward for using tidal power in the Severn Estuary fulfil the requirements on grounds of feasibility, technicality and economics. But above all, the environmental costs will be too great.

There are many alternatives and the suggestion that this massive engineering project could double as a means of kick starting a beleaguered economy falls short in our view of a proper way of managing the country’s infrastructure, economic future and addressing the central issues of climate change.

We therefore fully support the “Stop the Barrage NOW” Campaign




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