Efficient Renewable Solutions

There is huge potential to generate renewable energy from the Severn’s tidal range. Many more sensible options than a barrage have been overlooked and this is wrong. Tidal stream technology is the future, tidal range technology (a Barrage) is technology of the past. If the Government wants to realise its EU climate change and renewable target commitments the sooner it embraces tidal stream technologies the better.

According to Friends of the Earth Cymru, lagoons appear to have greater potential to generate power, are more cost effective and will produce more significant levels of power over the year than a barrage. Lagoons could also be built “sequentially to achieve the maximum environmentally benign energy extraction”, whereas the barrage is “all or nothing”.

Another alternative is a tidal fence, which would not affect maritime access along the Severn. According to the Severn Tidal Fence Group, a tidal fence would be “a compromise between conservation, commercial interests and renewable targets”, and would also reduce the risk of flooding.

Morgan Parry, Head of WWF Cymru, has said that;
"We strongly recommend that more suitable technologies are deployed to capture the energy of the Severn Estuary, such as stand-alone tidal generators, tidal fences and further research into tidal lagoons."

Other alternatives include a tidal reef (a concept that would include floating turbines and caisson), and wind farms at sea. We at Stop the Barrage NOW campaign are not in any way against renewable energy or further research into generating energy from the Severn Estuary. However we are against any proposed barrage because of the very clear negative impact it would have on the local and regional environment and economy, as well as its financial cost. We therefore seek more qualified research into alternative renewable energy solutions such as tidal stream technologies. They are less harmful to the environment, the maritime community and can be deployed incrementally - unlike a Cardiff-Weston Barrage.

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